Universal Basic Income...An Old Idea Becoming Relevant Again?

There is no doubt that the increase in automation in our society has and will have an important effect on the employment situation for millions of Americans.  It is predicted that the result of this increase will result in the loss of millions of jobs in the United States causing many people to fall into a financial crisis. The question for many economist and social scientist is what will we do with all these people who are unemployed with nothing to do as well as being in financial distress? Recently it has been proposed by many leaders in the technology field (that may be responsible for this job loss through automation) that there be a universal basic income to support all Americans.  This income would be a monthly payment with few if any restrictions to help counteract the effects of unemployment caused by automation. This idea has even entered the 2020 presidential race as a policy position by one of the candidates.  The idea of universal income is not new however and was proposed in the 60’s by Martin Luther King Jr. In another form it has also been proposed by many African American leaders as reparations for slavery.  The question here is why is it gaining traction now?  The lesson plan explores the concept of universal basic income and this exact question of why it is gaining in support now?

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