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Our lead instructor and the founder of Practical Learning Online, Dr. Ellis G. Godwin, has years of experience teaching online courses and using online discussion forums to enhance critical thinking skills. He also has over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur and has managed as many as 100 employees in his business. Below are comments from some of his former students.

Summer 2012

I admire the strict behavior of the instructor in teaching the course. His teaching method encouraged me to read more and learn to use the Internet as a resource to  reference my work. I thank you Prof. Ellis Godwin.

His discussion responses to students were excellent. He really put a lot of thought into the questions and comments that he sent us in the discussion threads. Much appreciated.

Fall 2012

This has been the most informative course that I have taken in the program. It clearly provides insights as to why individuals should research prior to becoming business owners.

I found the instructor well-informed, and always challenging students to examine issues from different perspectives.

Spring 2013

Excellent professor. I commend the professor for asking more questions or stating 'consider this' when posting feedback on our assignment grades - this enriches our knowledge even further.

Spring 2013

Dr. Ellis Godwin is an excellent professor! From the start of the course, you are able to feel his excitement through his comments to the class. He set stern guidelines that I come to respect. He challenged me to step out my comfort zone and it has taught me how to research and delve deep into the current topic. I value everything I have learned and his constant motivation in grading my assignments. This semester was my first semester with taking two online classes that was writing intensive but I immensely enjoyed the course and would highly recommend to other students/friends/family. I have seen improvement in my research skills in the other course I am taking this semester. I am excited to continue to grow in this concentration of my major. I hope to have future professors with Dr. Godwin caliber. Thanks Professor Godwin for an excellent semester! Best of Luck with your future courses!

Excellent instructor

Summer 2013

I have 3 more classes remaining in my program and have to say that my professor is very responsive and challenging. In the past I have only had a couple of professors that I would recommend and he is one.

Fall 2013

I'm so thankful to have this type of instructor. I'm a 50 year old lady I was afraid of returning to class. But due to the encouraging words that I always received from Professor Godwin I will continue. Thanks.

I enjoyed the structure of the instructor. He always posted some thinking questions and I enjoyed the challenge!

Fall 2013

Professor Godwin,always interested in receiving feedback from his students. Knowing what helps us to learn best as well as what is not working for his class allows his students' needs and thus accelerate their learning. I would just like to remark that Prof. Godwin was excellent. He took his teaching duties very seriously and it was obvious that he cared about the comprehension level of each student.

The instructor was very helpful and professional in teaching this class. He was available if needed. I have struggled with this class online, but Prof. Godwin made this time around much better. I really appreciate his engagement with the students.

Dr. Godwin is an involved instructor and encouraged discussion among students. Really appreciated his prompt grading of discussions and papers. One of the best instructors I have had while attending Strayer University.

I’m sure you often receive comments from students when they are dissatisfied with a professor performances regarding how they do grading points. But, because of Prof. Godwin’s high level of teaching MBA courses, I wanted to make sure someone in the MBA program recognized his talents.

Winter 2014

I'm glad I've had the opportunity to be in this course with Dr. Godwin.

Winter 2014

Prof Godwin I greatly appreciate your time in explaining the assignment requirement and your philosophy on education. While I am sure plenty of students don't appreciate having a professor that wants their students to learn, I truly appreciate your attentiveness to our education.

Spring 2014

Thank you for an awesome job of instructing and guiding us through this course! I'm really gaining a lot of information.

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