The Filibuster and American Authoritarianism 2021

The Filibuster and American Authoritarianism 2021

The change in power in the Senate has once again displayed the importance of the filibuster in the implementation of new laws.  Currently the democrats are concerned that they won’t be able to implement the programs they want in place because the filibuster exist.  This is nothing new and both parties depending on their status in the senate have used the filibuster to their advantage.  When those in the majority cannot forward their agenda, the question always comes up, “Should we abolish the filibuster?” Should the minority have this much control in a country where majority rules? This lesson discusses that important question along with other subjects such as the history of the filibuster, the reasons on both sides of the filibuster argument, and how the filibuster currently could have an affect on the American democracy as we know it.

The lesson consists of:

PowerPoint Presentation (88 slides)

Quiz (Multiple choice and essay questions.)

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