The Ethical Dilemma When Buying Your Clothes

The Ethical Dilemma When Buying Your Clothes

Ethics Vs Price......Which Do You Choose?

Did you go shopping today? Have you recently bought a new pair of shoes, jeans, suit, dress, or any other items of clothing? On the surface this may be as simple as paying for something that you need or like however if you look beyond the price tag you may be making an ethical statement as well. Have you ever thought about where some of your name brand clothing comes from? What about some of the clothes you buy from your favorite brands or department stores. If you had to choose would you still buy these clothes if you knew that they were made at manufacturing plants that were unsafe and used children as cheap labor?  Polling the public on this issue has provided mixed results. One poll shows consumers are willing to pay more for clothing if it is not made in unsafe conditions while another came to the conclusion that consumers don’t care about where their clothes are made as long as they are cheap. Which is better…you being able to buy your clothes at a lower price or the welfare of the people making the clothes? Pract The Facts on this issue below in our online discussion forum.  

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