Racism and White Priviledge in the United States...PP


There is a racial problem between people of color and white people in the United States. This is especially evident between white and black people and goes back as far as 400 years with slavery.  The killing of unarmed Black men by police in 2020 brought attention to this issue into the forefront over the summer and resulted in multiple protest across the country in support of endng the racism within police departments against black people. While it was good to see the multiracial make up of the protest to defeat racism in America there are still many out there who promote and support activities that encourage racist acts against black people.  Many of the supporters use denial or excuses to justify their actions.  What are these excuses and denials?  This lesson plan discusses these issues and more.  The plan includes:

  • PowerPoint Presentation…73 slides,
  • 2 quizzes
  • Use of graphs to determine facts.

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